Penetration Testing Service Datasheet

Penetration Testing Service

By performing a penetration test you can be sure that you are secure from a hacker or criminal trying to gain access to your systems.

Our penetration testing services are performed by our skilled specialists using ethical hacking techniques, to help our clients identify and remediate technical security vulnerabilities discovered during the course of an electronic security test.

Penetration Testing services - We undertake a range of penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking) where we test your systems using the same tools and techniques available to a hacker.

  • External Penetration Test - With our External Penetration Test, we test the clients cyber defences to see if we can break in. This checks how resilient your external defences are to cyber-attacks.
  • Internal Vulnerability Test - Another version of this, is our Internal Vulnerability Test, where a clients IT infrastructure is assessed from the inside, identifying all the vulnerabilities on their systems and grading the security weaknesses by their seriousness. This complements the external penetration testing because it shows how easy it is for an attacker, to escalate their privileges, once they've breached the external defences.
  • OWASP Web Application testing service – see OWASP Web Application testing

DLP Assured Penetration Testing Service

Gain an understanding of the attack vectors that can be used against your systems to fix potential security vulnerabilities and reduce your susceptibility to cyber-attack.


  • Assistance provided to help the client scope the penetration testing required to ensure maximum benefit
  • Security vulnerabilities will be identified using latest pen testing tools
  • All vulnerabilities found will be reported together with remediation suggestions
  • All assessments will include a debriefing session where the client can discuss the findings with a senior member of the assessment team.
  • All assessments will include the option of a post-test support re-test, to validate client’s vulnerability remediation efforts
  • Service tailored to the exact needs of your organisation

DLP Penetration Testing Service

  • Cost effective penetration testing services
  • Proactively test the readiness of an organisations IT systems to genuine cyber-attacks
  • Boost business resilience through pro-active detection of vulnerabilities and their subsequent remediation
  • Help ensure compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NHS DSPT, OWASP and contractual obligations
  • Obtain independent assurance that critical systems (and services) have effective cyber controls in operation and that they are correctly configured
  • Receive expert guidance on vulnerabilities found and how they can be effectively mitigated
  • Gain an understanding of the attack vectors that can be used against your systems to reduce your susceptibility to cyber attack
  • Testing is undertaken by highly experienced penetration testing and information security experts

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