DLP Data Protection Framework

The DLP Privacy Programme via Athesion

A key part of GDPR compliance for any organisation is the ‘Accountability principle’. The ICO says organisation’s ‘must have appropriate measures and records in place to be able to demonstrate your compliance’.

The easiest way, is to employ a system that manages the Privacy Programme tasks and automatically performs the record keeping requirements. We use the Athesion system, to automate and control the execution of the DLP Privacy Programme.

Organisations need to show accountability (Article 5- GDPR). This implies a cultural change within the organisation, where the management team advocates data protection compliance, develop appropriate privacy policies, boost staff awareness, encourage greater staff participation with data protection, provide a focus and processes for operationalising privacy and demonstrate at the management level, a willingness to meet their data processing obligations to external stakeholders and the ICO.

We would propose deploying the GDPR features of the Athesion system to boost information security management and improve privacy.

By deploying a platform, such as the Athesion system and encouraging staff to use it, you will be taking a huge step towards operationalising privacy within the business and actively mitigating business risks.

Brief details of Athesion include:


  • Compliant documentation kits for many compliance frameworks are available including GDPR, Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 and NHS DSPT operations
  • Online ISMS to manage and control access to Policies and Procedures
  • SMART Asset Management system
  • ISMS Document Management
  • DSAR system
  • Staff Induction process
  • Secure document transfer
  • Secure Data Rooms
  • Data Protection training (including SIRO Training for relevant managers)
  • Privacy programme project management
  • Risk Assessment Engine
  • Business Continuity
  • Audit Engine
  • Data Catalogue to record processing of personal data
  • Data Flow tracking and management
  • Supplier Management


  • Facilitates compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other frameworks (see above)
  • Assists non-privacy professionals, tasked with privacy responsibilities to implement structured processes to meet GDPR compliance obligations
  • Automates many of the tasks required for privacy and information security management
  • Boosts your organisation’s data protection awareness by facilitating easy access to relevant things for all staff’s involvement with data protection
  • Provides portal to centralise and record privacy and information security activities
  • Boosts your organisation’s data protection compliance capability, by providing the online tools to help staff understand and fulfil their data protection obligations
  • Improves the coordination and scheduling of privacy and information security audits
  • Provides facilities to ensure ICO requirements for encrypting personal data are met when transferring personal data

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