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Data Protection: A Matter for Everyone - E-Learning Training Programme


Wallix access control to privileged accountsdata protection act 1998
  • Fulfils ICO recommendation for 2 hours of staff training per year

  • Out of the box or fully customised for your organisation

  • Updated regularly in light of changes in legislation, practice and threat profile

  • A unique collaboration between experts in security focused distance learning and information security and governance

  • Delivers, tracks and certificates training

  • Follows the British Computer Society Level 1 syllabus


The only way you can be sure that all your staff understand their obligations to protect personal information that they have access to is to ensure that they all have training... and it's not just those sitting at computer terminals – cleaners, contractors, receptionists and temps all need an understanding of their responsibilities.

The course is a highly interactive approach for personal and professional development. It's built with the learner in mind by incorporating short, powerful modules with quizzes to ensure a successful and rewarding learning experience.

Each module consists of a short engaging video, reinforcing text and a quiz which is kept private to learners to allow them to consolidate and build on their knowledge. At the end there is a final exam with a downloadable certificate.

The Training or HR Department has access to real-time reporting so they can see exactly when each learner has completed their training, how long they took and the scores they achieved in the final exam.

The training is delivered as hosted SaaS, which means you don't need help from the IT department to set it up. You can literally get started in minutes. It's available out of the box or fully customised for your organisation.

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone is a new and exciting blended e-learning course...

e-learning made in britain
  • Engaging videos which are appealing, accessible and memorable for the widest possible audience

  • Describes the attitudes, behaviours, procedures and technologies vital in protecting data

  • Supporting information and links, quizzes with feedback at the end of each module to consolidate the learning

  • Final test provides assurance and evidence that individuals have successfully completed the course

  • Our LMS (Learning Management System) will deliver, track, test and certificate the training for all your staff

  • The course can be customised to reflect the look and feel of your organisation’s branding adding a greater resonance with personnel

Course Overview

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone is intuitive, interactive and easy to use.


Course Modules

The course is broken down into 6 modules surrounding data protection.


Module Videos

Each module contains a short video, designed to be engaging and to enhance the learning experience.


Module Quizzes

Each module has a short quiz to reinforce the content of the module


Course Extra Resources

The course has an extensive amount of optional extra reading material available


Course Final Assesment

The final assessment is timed and graded. Successfully passing the course awards the user with a certificate.


Advanced User Tracking and Reporting

As an administrator of our "self service" system you can manage your users, track their progress and download reports of al of your users.