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Advanced User Tracking

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Administrator "Self Serve" Area

New Compliance has developed an online administrator area (which is part of the e-learning LMS). Within this area you are able to manage all off your users. Once you have purchased an amount of license for your company, you are able to create and delete your own users whenever you need to.

Smart Tags

Smart tags are used throughout the training course. In the administrator area you are able to add your own text into the course when a specific topic is mentioned where information relevant to your company is useful. For example details of your own policies. This is an optional feature. If you choose not to use the feature then it will not effect on the content of the course.

Advanced User Tracking

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone has been developed to use a learning management system which contains learning paths. The use of learning paths means that an administrator of the system ( one of your members of staff) can view all of the organisations employees’ progress through the course(s).

This includes:


  • Percentage of each module completed

  • Monitoring who has activated their accounts
  • View users' progress through the course
  • Scores for each module quiz

  • Final exam grade

  • If they have completed and passed the whole course

  • Viewing of certificates

  • Download reports of all users

User tracking gives an Organisation a clear insight into all of its employees understanding of Data Protection and Compliance and allows you to feel confident that all of your staff have met the ICO's regulatory 2 hours of training per year.

Course Overview

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone is intuitive, interactive and easy to use.


Course Modules

The course is broken down into 6 modules surrounding data protection.


Module Videos

Each module contains a short video, designed to be engaging and to enhance the learning experience.


Module Quizzes

Each module has a short quiz to reinforce the content of the module


Course Extra Resources

The course has an extensive amount of optional extra reading material available


Course Final Assesment

The final assessment is timed and graded. Successfully passing the course awards the user with a certificate.


Advanced User Tracking and Reporting

As an administrator of our "self service" system you can manage your users, track their progress and download reports of al of your users.