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Learning Paths

Data Protection  –  A Matter for Everyone is based on a learning management system which means that a learner is directed through our course(s) on a learning path. The route through the learning path is determined by the system and only allows learners to continue to the next module if they have completed all of the training before it.

The beauty of a learning management system using learning paths is that when a learner finishes their training for that day, the next time they log in they will be able to continue from where they left off.

A learner's progress through a learning path can be monitored by the administrator of the system (an appointed member of your staff).

Modules Within Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone

This course provides Data Protection training for the following:
  • IGT (Information Governance Toolkit)
  • ISO 27001
  • BCS syllabus IT Security Level 1 users

The course is designed to encourage a 'security aware culture' within organisations, helping them to meet compliance objectives such as The Data Protection Act 1998, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 etc. The course consists of 6 Modules with extensive use of video making the learning easy to digest. These include:

1: Why Protecting Data Matters

  • Know the basic requirements of the Data Protection Act
  • Be aware of the overriding principles of data protection
  • Appreciate the seriousness of the potential consequences of data loss
  • Understand that your own actions are crucial in maintaining the security of personal information

2: Passwords

  • Know that all equipment that can be must be password protected
  • Understand how to devise a strong password that is easy to remember
  • Be aware of the many ways a password can be compromised
  • Appreciate the importance of having unique and secret passwords for each system you access

3: Safe Email and Web Use

  • Know what actions to take with received emails to protect your computer, yourself and confidential data
  • Be aware of the techniques that criminals may employ using emails to steal data
  • Know what to do when sending confidential data by email to keep the data confidential
  • Appreciate the measures you must take to use the internet safely

4: Data Transmission, Backup and Storage

  • Appreciate the vital importance of good backup practice
  • Understand that paper based information must be securely stored
  • Know the measures to enable the secure transmission of confidential data
  • Understand how to securely transport confidential paper based and other non–computerised information

5: Protecting Data From Loss and Theft

  • Understand the concept behind the expression "Social Engineering"
  • Be aware of the range and nature of basic techniques employed by criminals to steal data
  • Know what you must do to prevent criminals from implementing social engineering techniques
  • Understand that your carelessness in the handling of confidential information is also a risk

6: Mobile Devices and Remote Access

  • Understand the risks to confidentiality of information when using mobile devices and public local networks
  • Know the measures you should take to protect confidential information when accessing in public places
  • Appreciate that mobile phones pose particular risks and be aware of the precautions that must be taken
  • Understand the good security practice's necessary for secure remote access to systems

Extra Resources

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone has a large amount of aditional, optional extra reading related to each module in the course. This is designed to be read by a user if they wish to read more deeply into the subjects. It is not compulsory in order to complete the course.

Course Overview

Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone is intuitive, interactive and easy to use.


Course Modules

The course is broken down into 6 modules surrounding data protection.


Module Videos

Each module contains a short video, designed to be engaging and to enhance the learning experience.


Module Quizzes

Each module has a short quiz to reinforce the content of the module


Course Extra Resources

The course has an extensive amount of optional extra reading material available


Course Final Assesment

The final assessment is timed and graded. Successfully passing the course awards the user with a certificate.


Advanced User Tracking and Reporting

As an administrator of our "self service" system you can manage your users, track their progress and download reports of al of your users.