Governance Risk and Compliance

What is the system?

The Information Governance Management System is a Governance, Risk and Compliance web based service designed to automate many of the time consuming tasks surrounding Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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Our Solution

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The GRC-ISMS (Governance, Risk and Compliance - Information Security Management System) is a secure web based service designed to automate many of the time consuming tasks required to enable an organisation to manage their governance, risk and compliance. Wherever possible, it utilises the concept of self-service and management by exception, so that everyone is focussed on what they need to do, so that time and effort is not wasted on unnecessary tasks. For those organisations that are new to governance, risk and compliance, we have a rich set of policies and procedures that can be utilised to provide an IG assurance framework.

Key Advantages:

Improved Information Governance (IG) coordination - Dramatically increase the Information Governance (IG) coordination within your organisation

Better Information Governance (IG) visibility - Provide your management and all staff with visual dashboards showing the state of operational compliance

Greater Information Governance (IG) efficiency - Boost operational efficiency by providing automated processes that simplify key tasks making compliance easier to achieve

Key Modules:

Asset Register

  • Information Asset Owners
  • Asset Custodian
  • Decommissioning
  • Bar Code enabled
  • Risk Assessment (Simple & ISO 27005)
  • Audit Reporting
  • Critical Asset identification
  • Business Continuity
  • Location
  • Security Classification
  • Data Sensitivity
  • Asset Movement Log
  • Audit Trail
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Custodian Self Recording
  • Network & IP Management
  • System Level Security PolicyeLearning
  • Targeted training for departments, locations and teams
  • Training Record Keeping
  • CPD Monitoring
  • Mandatory Training
  • Staff Briefings
  • Test staff knowledge


Policies and Procedures (ISMS)

  • Inbuilt Templates for Polices, procedures
    • Information Security
    • ISO 27001
    • Information Governance
  • Targeted for departments, locations and teams
  • Document Search
  • Document Creation
  • Document Editing
  • Document Review
  • Document Lifetime
  • Security Classification
  • Version Control
  • Job role based induction
  • Mandatory Training
  • Email reminders
  • Return of assets
  • Management by exception
  • Audit reporting
  • Organisation Chart
  • Qualifications and Competencies

Staff Joiners and Leavers

Other Modules

  • Staff Registration
  • Staff Dashboard
  • HR Recording
  • User Management
  • Incident Management
  • Subject Access Request Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Audit Module
  • Service Catalogue
  • Risk Management
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Data Flows
  • Data 3rd Party Transfers
  • Notifications
  • Confidentiality Monitoring
  • Authorisations
  • Business Continuity


The governance system is available in three versions. The table below illustrates what features are available in each version. The optional modules are available for each version. Contact us for details.

Feature Basic Premium Healthcare Enterprise Optional
Staff, Joiners & Leavers
Asset Register
Training Records
Staff Briefings
Policies & Procedures
Policy Template Packs
Induction Process
Organisation Chart
Confidentiality Monitoring
Audit Log
Department (Number included in base license)
Locations (Number included in base license)
Teams (Number included in base license)
Feature Basic Premium Healthcare Enterprise Optional
Incident Management Reporting & Management
Subject Access Request Reporting & Management
Task Scheduling
Audit Module
Service Catalogue
Risk Assessment (Basic)
Risk Assessment (ISO 27005)
Data Flows
3rd Party Information Transfer Tracking
Clinical Staff
Information Governance Toolkit Aware
Business Continuity
Supplier Management
Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Management System (LMS) Course Builder
DPA & Information Security Training Course